Fair Lending RELIEF was designed from the ground up by QuestSoft utilizing more than two decades of Fair Lending risk management experience. The result? A truly transformative Fair Lending solution to identify, analyze, and better understand lending performance risk.

Key features include:

  • No importing or exporting of data required for HMDA RELIEF customers.
  • Interactively view the underling loan record from reports.
  • Automated comparative file reviews.
  • Perform data analysis based on key risk factors, including distribution, application disposition, levels of assistance, pricing, steering, and redlining.
  • Conduct peer analysis to identify credit needs and competitive concerns.

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QuestSoft is a leading provider of comprehensive compliance software and services for the mortgage, banking and credit union industries. QuestSoft provides solutions for HMDA, CRA, Fair Lending analysis, and data management. Our software consistently improves client compliance accuracy and facilitates smoother regulatory audits.

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