When you’re talking to a borrower and the application is complete – wouldn’t it be nice to have an accurate income calculation?

With IncomeGenius®, Indecomm has made it simple for you to improve your mortgage process and have accurate income information right from the start. This easy to use SaaS technology automates income calculations so that anyone can initiate it and get back an accurate and complete analysis.

Indecomm has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, the company has over 3,500 employees in 21 delivery centers. Services to the mortgage industry include outsourcing and consulting, training and education, and Software as a Service or SaaS. Indecomm’s technology services are born out of engagements in the outsourcing and consulting space. IncomeGenius is a SaaS product, yet it was developed based on data analysis from their consulting engagements. Indecomm’s Underwriting Team realized that loans with tax returns contained the most errors, were approved less, and had repurchase issues. They developed a software solution to resolve those issues…and that solution is IncomeGenius®.

IncomeGenius® is unique in many ways, but perhaps the most unique thing about IncomeGenius is that it is a refreshing, re-tool of the mortgage loan workflow. It is a web-based, role-based system that is used early in the life cycle of the loan. It provides accurate, automated income calculations, first to your origination team, then to your processors, underwriters, and quality control team.

IncomeGenius® acts as your Income Center and consolidates documents from the borrower, as well as source of truth data, into one cohesive view. IncomeGenius also connects to loan origination systems for added ease of use.

With IncomeGenius®, you’ll improve your mortgage process and realize the following benefits:

Save Time Reduce income calculation time by up to 50% with our automation technology and robust rules engine along with integrations for sources of truth data, LOS and POS providers.

Shorten Loan Cycles When the income analysis is done earlier in the loan cycle, underwriters save time on income calculations – allowing them to review more loans and improving pull through

Improve Compliance IncomeGenius is compliant for audit requirements, providing an audit trail so that you know why, who and what happened during the review

Reduce Complexity Easier, faster calculations for self-employed borrowers including liquidity testing, means LO’s never shy away from an application.

Decrease Risk With the same rules being applied each and every time, you reduce your risk for things like fair lending audits and calculation errors.

Increase Accuracy Alerts notify users of underwriting rules so that you never miss anything that might increase or decrease income and also eliminates manual input errors.


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