Today’s fiercely competitive mortgage market challenges you and your staff like never before. Heightened pressure to create new loan opportunities, reduce lead fallout, provide better pipeline visibility, mitigate compliance risk, and enhanced customer loyalty poses a significant burden on loan officers. To thrive under these intense market conditions requires a revolutionary new solution that transforms a credit challenged consumers into a well-qualified, well-informed applicant pool.

Get Credit Healthy’s award winning technology significantly reduces loan fall out, lowering your cost to originate for free.

Get Credit Healthy converts fallout into funded, helping you close more loans while providing you with a significant competitive advantage.

Get Credit Healthy allows you to compliantly help potential borrowers without violating the Consumer Credit Protection Act or your Credit Bureau Agreement.

Get Credit Healthy is an organization that provides potential borrowers with the tools and resources they need to eliminate debt, build credit, and make sound financial decisions. Once consumers enroll in one of our programs, they are immediately paired with one of our experienced credit coaches through our Non-Profit Starting Now, who performs a comprehensive analysis of a consumer’s financial and credit history before providing an in-depth explanation as to how past decisions led the consumer to his or her current position.

Consumers then utilize our interactive platform and actively participate in every phase of remediation. In addition to coaching, the consumer also has access to a plethora of resources such as webinars, live telephonic sessions with credit specialists, and interactive educational materials.

Stop being frustrated with loan fallout don’t reject…redirect.


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